Multimedia Solutions
Enhancing Ministry With Technology

Looking for a way to dramatically improve your church's live stream?  MS Layers is a cloud service with the same technology used in live TV productions to enhance your streams.  Ten standard MinistrySense templates cover the entire geography of the screen.  Custom-designed overlays may also be purchased.

Your viewers will love to:
  • See who is doing what...
  • See and hear scriptures/readings...
  • Sing along with song lyrics...
  • Participate responsively with the entire church...
  • Catch up on the latest topics...
all from the comfort of their homes.

Worship will come alive to them!

MS Layers easily integrates with popular live-stream encoders (e.g. OBS).

MS Layers standard templates cover all elements of your service; including titles, scripture, lyrics, announcements, instructions, responsive readings, and other needs.
  • Logo
  • Timer
  • Footer Panel
  • Footer Text
  • Images
  • Text
  • Full Screen
As an added bonus, subscribe to Church Connections and receive a 40% discount on your monthly MS Layers subscription.

Click to see pricing and/or subscribe to the MS Layers monthly service.

Ministry in the 21st century is not boring; it sparkles with life.